Welcome Here!

Grab a cup of coffee and let me tell you a bit about myself.  I'm Candice, mama of three, two boys and one girl.  I'm a devoted wife and Christian.

I wasn't always passionate about natural/organic living, it wasn't until I read about GMO's and branched my search into the many chemicals, additives and preservatives our daily products have in them.  I was shocked!  I made it my mission to clean out all the items from our house and replace everything with safe and natural products that I felt confident in and knew was safe for my whole family!

I stumbled onto Jessica's website Eco-friendly Mama USA's a few years ago and was surprised to find someone with the same level standards that I hold for my household.

Over the years I had a feeling that I needed to share my knowledge and research with everyone... after a quick conversation with Jessica and it was clear that Eco-friendly Mama Canada was in the cards for me!

My hope is that you find this a reliable resource to find the safest Canadian made products for you and your family!

It may take a while for me to have my approved/so-so/greenwashers lists up but in the meantime you can read my blog in which you'll find bits and pieces of my life which include homeschooling, fermenting, sprouting, baking, cooking, DIY products and gardening to name a few.

Thanks for stopping by and looking forward to watching this website (and myself) grow.  Please don't hesitate to contact me with any questions, recommendations or concerns.